Fine Chemical / Pharmaceutical

We are well experienced with the GMP requirements in fine chemical and pharmaceutical manufacturing facilities.

Our experience covers:

  • Pharmaceutical Intermediate Manufacturing sites (including manufacturing of API’s)
  • Dyes & Pigment plants
  • Fragrance & flavours facilities
  • Biocide manufacturing plants

The type of plant for these types of facilities includes:

  • Chilled Water (down to +0.5°C), with capacities from 500kW to 10,000kW
  • Glycol Chillers (down to -30°C), with capacities from 150kW to 5,000kW
  • Dowtherm Chilling (down to -50°C), with capacities from 100kW to 750kW
  • Syltherm Chilling (down to -92°C), with capacities from 20kW to 150kW